Highlights for April 2023 – 18 April 2023 – SCRA General Meeting (@ Safari Beach Hotel)

A Call to the Business Community in Kwale County

For only Ksh10,000/- your business/company can become a member of SCRA!! Up to four (4) members of your organization will be joined onto the SCRA WhatsApp group and you will have up to four votes at any AGM. SCRA is reaching out to you because of your expertise and involvement in the business sphere. YOU know what shortfalls/challenges affect your organization and perhaps with the support of SCRA, these issues can be addressed as a community with the relevant authorities. There is strength in numbers and knowledge in the sharing of ideas. A worthy investment-join SCRA. For additional information, email: chair@scra.co.ke

Keeping our Diani Pristine A few people with a purpose can make a difference!

In mid-March 2023 M-Safi Waste Experts in partnership with Teens Watch, Vijana Wa Huduma Kwa Wote & SCRA organized a clean-up of Diani Beach Rd from Jacaranda to Kusini. The challenge was actually getting more trucks to collect all the garbage! The event was successful, however, SCRAs request to residents is that we try to keep Diani clean by placing rubbish in its rightful place so that people do not have to pick up after you. This is the easier and sustainable solution. To all those who volunteered their resources, time and labor thank you very much.

Urban Swaras Running Club Visit to Diani

Over the Easter weekend approximately fifty fitness buffs visited Diani and spent the weekend at Kaskazi beach resort. On 8 April 2023 Urban Swaras Running Club (USRC) organized a run that ranged in distance from 10 km to 40 km. Ten athletes from Ukunda/Diani participated and did very well and in fact were commended by the organizers. Well done Ukunda Marathoners. Special mention of “Temu Prints Impressions”, Ukunda who donated T-shirts for the team of ten runners.

Sports tourism is a market that is fast growing in Kwale County and should be tapped into diligently by industry players. As an example of the impact of those 50 or so runners over one weekend, besides the hotel bookings, there were visits to some of Diani entertainment spots and to Wasini Island. The benefit to our local youth was exposure of their talent to people who appreciate that their talent may take them places as a career if nutured. A win/win situation…. Wishing Ukunda Marathoners the best.

SCRA Membership Recruitment Drive

At the Diani Soko held on 1 April 2023, the SCRA Committee organized a recruitment drive for new members. If you would like to join SCRA and need more information, enquires can be made by phone to Jane Magondu (Asst. Treasurer on 0758-823-359) or by emailing the Chairperson on: chair@scra.co.ke

Highlights for April 2023 – 18 April 2023 – SCRA General Meeting (@ Safari Beach Hotel)

In Case of an Emergency:

Police: OCPD: 0722799670 (Mr. Francis)

OCS Diani: 0721864244 (Mr. Moses)

TPU: 0722271480 (Mr. Tony)

Fire Brigade: 0710119191

Kenya Power: By dialing *977# members can report power outages,

and verify the identities of people presenting as employees or contractors of Kenya power 

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